Tony Hawk

Professional Skateboarder

"I can think of no one more capable of this project than SITE Design Group, Inc. whom I had been fortunate to work with on other projects such as the Wave House Project in Durban, South Africa"


Andy MacDonald

Professional Skateboarder

"SITE Design Group, Inc. designs the most functional paks out there," MacDonald says. "SITE's parks cater to all skill levels and by far the most fun cement parks I've skated in the United sates."

Pam Farlow

General Manager, Insanity Skatepark Huntsville, AL


Insanity Skate, Inc. researched park design teams for more than two years. We spoke with ramp manufacturers and concrete in-ground design specialists. Our goal was to mix the best of all elements to appeal to street skaters, vert, and old school riders alike. Many of the teams contacted wanted to build only in-ground concrete or above ground ramps. SITE Design Group, Inc. was willing to discuss and work toward our goal by providing a conceptual design that included ramps, bowls, snake runs, pyramids, tombstones, and more. After speaking with over a dozen park designers and reviewing different concepts, SITE Design Group, Inc. was the leader by far in innovativeness and cooperation.

A hands on approach by SITE Design Group, Inc., resulted in a world-class skate park that is being enjoyed by all types of skaters.

Our experience with SITE Design Group, Inc. has been a mutually rewarding experience with a very positive outcome.

Miki Vuckovich

Executive Director Tony Hawk Foundation

“The Best in Southern California”. 

“The largest public skatepark in Southern California”. 

“Opening day saw several hundred skaters and spectators, as well as pro demos with Andy MacDonald, Kanten Russell, Tony Hawk, Danny Way, Matt Moffett and many others”. 

“The park was created by SITE Design Group, Inc., a California design firm responsible for many of the Southwest’s most acclaimed skate parks (Albuquerque, Chandler, Phoenix, Flagstaff).”

Bucky Lasek

Professional Skateboarder

"I've been to Cayman once before, a year ago and loved it," he said. " Your skate park is humongus, one of the best in the world."

Alexandra Corsi

Carmel Valley, CA Park Designer, Engineering & Capital Projects

"The City of San Diego is proud to have built a new facility that attract beginner and experienced skaters from different age groups. SITE's contribution for this success was key and I would recommend their services for any future project."

Craig Raines

City of Los Angeles, CA Landscape Architect/P&R Dept.

"SITE Design Group, Inc. has continually met all deadlines and budgets for skate plazas/parks that they have done for the Department of Recreation & Parks in the City of Los Angeles. The quality of their work is unparalleled and I highly recommend them for the design of any type of skate facility. Whether it be an old school vert park to the latest in street plazas they are the best."

Church of Glad Tidings

Yuba City, CA Community Liaison

"As we master-planned about 30,000 feet of development we included a "corner"of property at the request of our skaters. SITE Design Group, Inc. saved us from creating something that would underserve and be underused. Our experience in creating the plaza has been a delight from the first phone conversation with you. You were personable, helpful and very competent. I felt like I was taken care of and we were on our way."

"Thank you for your superb service."

Terry Groshong

City of Duluth, MN Project Architect

"I found SITE Design Group, Inc. to be energetic, creative, patient and professional. Their professional attitude and exemplary work ethic bridged factions which allowed this park to become a reality."

Jeff Greenwood

Skate Park Directory Website

"SITE Design Group, Inc. has continually shown excellence in skate park design and construction. I have personally ridden many of their skate parks since they started making them and they have been some of the best parks I have ridden in my lifetime and they have continued to improve in design and construction. I have confidence that when they are selected as the designer or builder they will provide an exceptional design or construction for any given budget or size constraint."

Gabe Clement

DVS Shoes Team Manager

"As a skateboarder and as an active member within the skateboard community we feel that SITE Design Group, Inc. has gone above and beyond the expectations of building a skate park, working with the skate community, city officials and taking those ideas from paper to an actual skate park."

Paula Fitzgerald

City of Longmont, CO Parks & Open Space Project Manager

"At our grand opening we received compliments from numerous skaters and BMX riders-some who have skated world-wide. One comment was that the park was "flawless", and another that it is "the best skate park in Colorado". We couldn't be more pleased to have such appreciation at the end of the project. SITE's expertise in this area is clear. I would not hesitate to recommend them on any skate park project".

Mori Struve

City of Morgan Hill, CA Deputy Director of Operations

"In 2009, City of Morgan Hill completed construction of a 15,000 sq. ft. Skateboard/BMX Park. SITE Design Group, Inc. was the design consultant for this project. Their design was done on schedule and within budget. SITE was involved in the project from the initial conceptual stage through construction. They worked with the general public, the design team, and City Staff in the development and completion of a successful project. The City of Morgan Hill was pleased with SITE Design's work on the project and recommends them as competent design professionals".

Patrick Newman

Springfield, IL Skate Park General Contractor

"This letter is being written to both thank you and commend you on the job completed by SITE Design in Springfield, IL. The quality and expertise we experienced in working with your company was second to none. The coordination of schedules, materials and equipment worked to the best of our expectations.

"On time and on budget", what more can be said.

James Landry

Town of Parker, CO Professional Engineer

"SITE Design Group, Inc. was the design consultant for the skate park portion of the project. Their design was done on schedule and within budget. SITE was involvd in the project from the initial conceptual stage through construction. They worked with the general public, the design team, Town staff and the skate park contractor to assist in the development of a successful project. In short, the Town of Parker was pleased with the work produced by SITE on this project".

Jeff Dunleavy

Mukilteo Family YMCA Executive Director

"I am writing to recommend SITE Design Group, Inc. to design your next skate park. It has been our experience that SITE Design Group, Inc. designs the most practical multi-use day skate park in the industry."

"The important distinction that SITE enjoys is that they take the time to involve local skateboard enthusiasts in the design process. The result is a park designed that meets the needs of all skateboarding ages, skills and types."

Lance Mountain

Professional Skateboarder

"SITE Design's, in my opinion, has worked the hardest, adjusted and grown with skateboarders to put on paper designs that cover all aspect of skateboarding needs."

"SITE's close work with skaters who have skateboarded many types of terrain for many years along with pros all lead to the best design possible with the circumstances. This is what has set SITE Design Group, Inc. ahead of the rest in developing a skate park covering all the needs of the kids in your city to stay interested, challenged and focused on a great activity that may give them years of entertainment and development."

Garrett Bjornson

Magdalena Ecke Famliy YMCA Skate Park Director

"I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how impressed I am with the quality of work that has been and currently is being performed by the SITE Skateparks design and construction crew here at our YMCA. The job your crew has done so far has exceeded all of my expectations, and they have made the entire construction process far easier than I had hoped for."

Tim Jachlewski

Veteran's Skate Park Landscape Architect

"SITE was retained by Van Dyke Landscape Architects as a sub consultant for this 10.6 acre park project in the City of Chula Vista, CA. SITE provided conceptual design and construction documents for the park's skateboard facility. Their staff was easy to work with, provided all deliverables on schedule and designed a quality facility. During construction, SITE resonded to RFI's regarding the facility in a timely manner."

Rob Dyrdek

DC Skate Plaza Professional Skateboarder

"SITE Design Group, Inc. made my dream a reality."