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Orlando Skate Park


The Orlando Skate Park consists of a beginner's area, a big flow course and a bowl. The beginner's course is perfect for kids that are just learning how to skate. It consists of a 4' tall half pipe, a 4' tall banked hip, a mini hubba ledge and a mini handrail. The flow course is huge measuring out to 8,000 sq. ft. The terrain ranges from 5' deep to 11' deep, changing in elevation several times on the deck and in the flat bottom. There is a spine with a transfer ledge across it, a 90-degree hip, a 45-degree hip, 3 rounded hips, six different pockets and a couple big extensions. It has a 4' tall roller blending into a 9' transition that's perpendicular to it. There is an 11' vert wall with 3' of vert and plenty of transfers, gaps and speed lines. The bowl has a 6' deep shallow end with a round pocket and a square pocket and a round 9' deep end. It is equipped with painted pool coping and tile. The design also consists of a street plaza that the city did not have enough funds to build. The city is planning on constructing the street plaza sometime in the near future.

Park Information

Skatepark Designers: SITE Design Group, Inc.
Skatepark Size: 25,900 sq. ft.
Skatepark Type: Flow
Hours of Operation: 3:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Lighted Facility: Yes
Admission Fee Required: Yes
Park Supervised: Yes
Safety Gear Enforced: Yes
Orlando Skate Park
400 Festival Way
Orlando, Florida 32803