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New York 5 -Coleman Oval


Community Partner and Skatepark Design Lead Steve Rodriguez is the founder of 5boro Skateboards. With 5boro as his vehicle, Steve is an advocate for all New York skaters by volunteering his time and expertise to help city officials plan and execute a variety of skateboarding-related projects. Working with both Steve and California Skateparks we were able to assist them with the design and construction documents. This park features street elements such as ledges, manual pads, bank ramps, rails, and more.

Park Information

Skatepark Designers: Steve Rodriguez
Skatepark Size: 20,800 s.f.
Skatepark Type: Street-Plaza
Hours of Operation: Dawn To Dusk
Lighted Facility: No
Admission Fee Required: No
Park Supervised: No
Safety Gear Enforced: Yes
Coleman Oval Skate Park
62 Pike Street
New York, NY 10002